The beginning of something good (pt.2)


If you read part 1 of this 3-part series you’re probably wonder what is changing, before we get there it’s important to explain our CULTURE which will determine what we do; influenced by what we have learned (mentioned in part 1).

If you have been a part of our community and crew for awhile this won’t be new, at minimum we hope our culture and what Jesus has refined over the years inspires and challenges you.  

Challenges you in your perspective that it’s not about you - contrary to what our society teaches us that it is about me and ‘my truth’ and what I want; our calling and culture has to be far greater than my own wants in order to make an impact for Jesus.

We have always been about one thing:

Introducing a generation to Jesus.

It’s that simple.  

There is no greater hope for humanity, campuses, cities, families, friends and the world.  

This is our calling both individually and collectively (Matt 5.14)

This is our CULTURE. This is what defines us as a community and ministry:

  • We are Created to Influence

  • We are Contributors not Consumers

  • We choose Purpose over Preference

1.) Created to Influence.

We don’t want culture to tell us who we are or should be. We shouldn’t find our worth and identity in what culture says is relevant, important, or of worth. Instead, we want to influence culture. YOUR influence isn't dictated by how many followers you have - it is determined by the empowering of the Holy Spirit.  We live our lives by a different creed, one that is not about worth attained rather worth purchased and freely given to you.  When we understand that incredible truth and allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, we can become people who love in such an audacious way that creates influence.

You were created to influence.

2.) Contributors not Consumers.

Contributing to the cause of Christ and his Kingdom has far greater reach and impact than you can ever imagine. You can do this by using what you have - your time and talents. Rather than consuming and having the mindset of “what do you have for me”, we ought to be living from a perspective of “this is what I have for you.”  You are part of the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12) and YOU have amazing POTENTIAL because you are empowered by the Holy Spirit, and blessed with incredible talents and gifts.  

You are a contributor.

3.) Purpose over Preference.

We all have preferences, the songs we like to sing, the games we like to play, and the way we think things should be done.  However, our collective purpose is far greater than any one of our individual preferences.

You have a Purpose.

If you lean into this culture and vision, you will be left in a position of experiencing MORE and growing MORE. When you step into a position where you realize you are part of a far greater purpose, you have amazing potential and a significant part of the cause; you are no longer an attender you are a vital person to community and find a  place to belong and a place to contribute too.

There is so much more for you!

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