The beginning of something good! (pt. 1)


You may have heard already or maybe this is the first you’re hearing about it, there are some amazing, exciting and big changes coming to Creo.  This either gets you excited or leaves you with sweaty palms and some anxiety.

In this three part series of blogs, we want to set you up not only to understand what is happening but for you to grasp how your life can be radically changed, for you to grow in significant ways, to find a place not only to belong but to build, a place to contribute and make an impact and influence.

The big question is WHY?

Why change Creo?  

Why shake it down, mess with systems, and change everything?

These are good questions to ask. We began to ask them a year ago when we began sensing a dissatisfaction with the status quo - with the way things have been. We have seen a growing sense of dissatisfaction in the hearts of leaders around the city as the Holy Spirit is moving in their hearts and lives. We saw a need to step out in a bold, audacious way and to step into the unknown.

We have always had a yearning to see greater things happen for you and for our community and the City.

We have sensed God pushing us to pioneer a new frontier, dare to dream bigger, and not to be afraid.

For this reason, we spent several months studying Generation Z (those after millennial's). We surveyed our people, took their response seriously, and spent several days in prayer and planning. Throughout this process,  we have been open to the voice of the Holy Spirit. We feel he is calling us to go in a new direction, and we are responding.

This is how we felt lead to respond:

  1. We want to lead in a way that honours God's BIGNESS to dream beyond our own capabilities and capacities
  2. We are fully dependent on the Holy Spirit and his leading
  3. We want to live out our faith in a dynamic way in our city, to reach our city

The excitement of what is on the horizon, what’s in store for all of us if YOU are willing to take a step of faith into the future.

We’re in this journey with Jesus together. We are asking for more, knowing the promises and the guarantee that THERE IS MORE.

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