Congratulations, you won!  Imagine you won a prize package and you could choose between two packages.

  1. 5-day trip to Disneyland, but you could only go by yourself and you can’t take any friends with you.  The most Magical place on earth for 5 whole yourself.  But wait there’s more, the park is completely empty for those 5 days, so you get 5 days to Disney to yourself, all by yourself, all alone.  



  2. A trip to the PNE but could take as many people as you wanted, all expenses paid.

Some of us at first glance might be more inclined to take package 1, especially those who are introverted.  But I imagine after day 5 you would long for at least one friend to share that experience with, to travel to Anaheim with, to explore the park and the rides together.

Often, we live our daily lives as if it is prize package #1.  We do life alone, we share moments alone, we try to do things alone.  

We live in a hyper-individualized society, where we value and honour individualism over community.  Even at the expense of others we will do what is necessary to emerge on top in social circles, classes, sports and in our places of work. Our society is structured in such a way that we do life alone.

We want to succeed as an individual.

We want credit as an individual.

I want to do it on my own, I don’t need help.


We find ourselves in a lonely place, wondering is there more?

God never called us to give so much honour and value to the individual, the only time in history when there was only one person it was the only time in creation God said “it is not good” (Gen. 2.18).

If God in His very being and nature lives in relationships and community in the trinity and we are made in His image, then we must be wired and made to thrive in relationships and community.

THERE IS MORE when we step into relationships and community, this life that we are living was not meant to be lived alone it was intended to be lived out together.

When we start to experience authentic community THERE IS ALWAYS MORE…

Last month one of our small groups took a road trip to Portland together, watching this trip unfold on IG Story was one of the most encouraging adventures to watch.    
Because they serve, experience small group, share in each others' hobbies and do life together they have grown deeper.



  • Road trips to be made

  • Photos to be taken

  • Parties to be had

  • Support to be given

  • Encouragement to receive

  • Celebrations to make

  • Service to give

  • Worship

  • Life

This is why at Creo our goal is to see every student in a life changing Small Group.  Not so that students have to ‘study’ the Bible more, but because we believe there are more memories to be made, adventures to explore and support and love to be given together.  

No matter where you are in your life and your faith, whatever you believe at this moment THERE IS MORE if you choose to live in a real, authentic, life changing community.

We believe THERE IS MORE for you.

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